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at the Lorentz center workshop,
Computational and Mathematical Approaches to Societal Transitions

Pythagoras writes that the Sirens sing in the harmony of the Tetraktis, the Harmony of the Spheres. Pythagoras’s Tetraktis became a mystical symbol which represents the harmony of the cosmos and the mysteries of the Divine. The cosmos made of harmonic vibrations.

The four aeolian strings are tuned according to the Pythagorian musical scale, to create the right sonic harmony. Using a monchord, Pythagoras created the musical intervals, by calculating the proportions of the strings. Some say that the musical scale is based on the Tetraktis; he divided a cord in two, the Octave, in three, the Quinte and in four, the Quarte. Each interval is another sinoid, a different resonant vibration of the string.

The strings are recorded using electrical guitar pickups. The overtone sounds from each string are reproduced inside the corridor by a separate speakers.

The combined strings sound the winds musical piece, which is a dynamic interplay of changing airstreams. When the wind is very weak, then only the longest strings will vibrate making low sounds. When the wind is strong, also the shorter strings will play higher notes and the longer strings will start to sound their harmonics.

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