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Thermae 2'40''


35mm dobly digital - 30 minute film
Art-Director, Scenography: Michela Pelusio

Director and writer: Chritian Filippella

'Five friends come back to their house on an island where many years before the sister of two of them died in mysterious circumstances.'

A 35 mm film production by the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, National Film Academy Rome,
shot in Baia Maronti, Ischia and in the gallery Mondrian Suite, Rome, directed by Christian Filippella. The film was selected at the Butterfly effect - short film event, Hollywood.

The scenes and visions in the movie are inspired by previous art works; The glass pyramid, (Atman, 1996, Viareggio), at the end of the tunnel, in a vision in the forelast scene. Visions of the long dead sister (inspired by the installation Fonte, 1998, Blue gallery, Casteldaccia, Palermo).

The film was selected at Screamfest, a horror film festival in the U.S. and was played at the spectacular Grauman's Chinese Theater. The film was screened in a pristine 35mm copy with English subtitles.

.: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografie :.

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