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Science Opera

December 2012, January 2013

During the collaboration with O. Ben-Horin we took a multi-disciplinary approach to simultaneous artistic and scientific explorations and understandings. In the winter of 2012/13, music, text, sounds, were explored, experimenting with my Helix, playing together with traditional Greek as well as jazz musicians.

The first recording sessions, realised in Crete, produced a collection of improvised sound-scapes which, when edited and mixed, are foreseen to be used further in the Global Science Opera, in combination with visuals and videos.


Photography: Jannik Weylandt

Musicians: Antonis Tsikandilakis, Dimitris Neonakis, Kostas, Minas, Oded, Michela

Sound engineer: Antonios Doxastakis

Production: ResidenceSEA (Sensing your Environment through Art

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