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Relational Places


Container Archive Project 2007/2009
ArteDove:Platform for Cultural Studies, Curator P.E. Antognoli in collaboration with M.Consani

2007 Exhibition at Biblioteca Dante Piccioli in Fosdinovo, Lunigiana, IT
2008 Exhibition at Stara Drukarnia Gallery, Warszawa, PL

Mobile exhibition Relational Places curated by Michela Pelusio for ArteDove invited by P.E.Antognoli
The box contains 35 pieces in total and 8 international artists, selected domain ArtScience, all coming from the scene of Contemporary Dutch Art. The selected works are distinguished by their ability 'relationship with the places to which they were created and the synaesthetic approach.
Invited artist:Daan Brinkmann, Edwin van der Heide, Mateusz Herczka, Gosse de Kort, Robert Pravda, Taco Stolk, Maki Ueda e Dorota Walentynowicz.
Inside the container:1 sound instrument, 1 mini CD sound, 1 hard drive + film 1+1, DVD+modello,1 DVD Performance, 20 printed data, 7 boccette di essenze + cartine, 1+1 DVD game + Performance


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