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Reflections (concept)


Michela Pelusio

Reflections is an installation of a group of black reflecting sculptures mounted on bimetal spirals, which convert a temperature change in mechanical movement. Reflections interacts with the movement of the audience, emphasizing it. The concave and convex shapes, black and reflecting, morphs the reflection of the landscape with each change of viewpoint. A kind of acceleration takes place, which changes the perception of time.

Reflections becomes an entity in the landscape, combining the micro and the macro scale. On the macro scale, from a far distance, the spectator will have the perception of visible forms, seen from view points in the wide surrounding landscape. The installation spans 25 by 25 meters, the saddle shapes are approximately 4 by 4 meters. The installation moves slowly during the day, depending on the sun and the temperature. Coming closer, the art work reflects the sky and the earth, upside down. And circling the installation will create a play of shapes and images continuously changing, and for a moment the world seems to turn around us. The concave shape of the black mirror surfaces invert and morph the surroundings into a kind of immaginary world.

In Reflections the bimetal spirals change the position of the sculptures: with high temperatures the sculptures incline upwards and with low temperatures downwards. Bimetals are used in a range of mechanical and electrical devices, but it is not often used in art. In the research for kinetic sculptures often art works use aeolic energy (wind), solar energy, et cetera, but not the energy of temperature change of the material of the art work itself. This work recalls the vast possibilities of renewable energy sources.

(Reflections was proposed for an art competition for a square in an Italian village - and was voted second by the jury)

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