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Installation Performance,
in the amphiteater of the Park Iqbal Mazih,
Viareggio, Italy

Microphones on the loom amplify its weaving, creating sounds like the working of time. The tree is projected on the steps where purple colour slides down to colour the water.

At the head of the harbour there is a wide-leafed olive tree;
nearby a lovely cavern, dark,
sacred to the Nymphs, called Naiads;
in here are craters and wine-jars
of stone, there the bees put away the honey.
And there are high looms of stone, where the Nymphs
weave purple robes, wonderfull to see;
here flow eternal waters; there are two entrances,
one, facing North, is the descent for the humans,
while the other is turned to the South, it is for the gods and
the humans don't enter, but it is the way of the immortals.
Homer, Odyssey

Credits: Byron Smith (Photography), Lara Berettieri (Video)

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