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Permanent kinetic sculpture in front of the Contemporary Music Hall,
Des Lendemains Qui Chantent,
Ville de Tulle, France

Realized during the Symposium of Sculpture of Aubazine, France (Theme: Lieu public de rencontres conviviales, dédié aux musiques actuelles.)

The sculpture composition of iron sticks visualizes the movement of sound through air. It is composed of two intertwined waves that meet at some points in the composition. One is a smooth wave, expressing a pure tone. The other is a chaotic wave, expressing noise. The wind will cause a continuous movement (flux) of the flexible sticks, creating an audio and visual experience.

concept and realization: Michela Pelusio & Emilio Espinosa
production:City hall of Ville de Tulle, France
photo documentation: Emilio Espinosa

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